Discover 4 Secrets to Surviving in the Outdoors Without Gear or Supplies

That Anyone Can Put to Use Right Away

What you'll learn

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, you'll gain new life-saving survival skills in this FREE webclass, including:
  • How to Stay Warm Without a Tent, Sleeping Bag, Fire, or Even a Coat
  • How to Avoid Dying of Thirst Even If You Don’t Have a Filter or Chemical Treatment
  • How to Get a Fire Going in Soaking Wet Conditions Without Lighter Fluid or Paper
  • How to Find Food in the Wild Even in Winter When Everything is Covered in Snow
  • Techniques to Address the 3 Most Deadly Survival Threats
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Your Presenter

Jason Knight
Lead Instructor
Alderleaf Wilderness College
Jason Knight is the cofounder, lead instructor, and director at Alderleaf Wilderness College. He's been teaching survival skills since 1997. Jason has also served as a wilderness skills consultant for the Discovery Channel and has been featured on NPR.